The Matrix Gym All Star Contract will be submitted annually for each All Star athlete participating in the program. Terms of this contract are enforceable regarding acknowledgement of financial policies, attendance policies, refund policies, et. al.

Agree and Acknowledge

I understand and acknowledge that if I proceed to register online and to sign the waiver electronically, that, under the Electronic Transactions Act, such electronic registration and electronically signed Waiver document will be valid and enforced in the same manner as a hand-signed document that exists in physical form and that a record or signature may not be denied legal effect or enforceability under law solely because it is in electronic form.

Basic Information

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Minor Information

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I/We understand that our son/daughter is required to be in good physical condition and that the activities in which he/she will be asked and expected to participate in are strenuous and require physical and athletic agility. It has been fully explained to us as parents and/or guardians that these activities include, but are not necessarily limited to a variety of gymnastic routines, including somersaults, back handsprings, aerials and round-offs; that there will be a variety of mounts and stunts requiring the coordination of more that one participant on the squad; that these activities will not be confined to any one site or venue, but rather a variety of sites and places throughout practices and competitions.

I/We, as a parent and/or guardian, grant permission to The Matrix to use photographs or video taken of my child at an y Matrix competition for the year 2018-2019 for use in publications, The Matrix website or other electronic forms or media to promote The Matrix without notifying me. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs or printed or electronic matter that may be used in conjunction with them now or in the future, whether that use is known to me or unknown, and I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the photograph. I hereby agree to release, defend, and hold harmless The Matrix including any firm publishing and/or distributing the finished product in whole or in part, whether on paper or via electronic media, from and against any claims, damages or liability arising from or related to the use of the photographs, including but not limited to any misuses, distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion or use in composite form, either intentionally or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in taking, processing, reduction or production of the finished product, its publication or distribution. I have read this release and by signing below, I fully understand the contents, meaning and impact of this

release. I understand that I am free to address any specific questions regarding this release by submitting those questions in writing. My failure to do so will be interpreted as a free and knowledgeable acceptance of the terms of this release.

I/We have read and agree to all Matrix rules and regulations, payment deadlines, write up procedures and absences. I agree to show sportsmanlike conduct at all times during competitions for our teams as well as our competitors. I agree to respect and show compassion towards all adults and children in the gym. I will not confront any administrative personnel of competition companies (i.e. judges, staff, directors, etc.) during any event in which Matrix competes. I will not go on the gym floors while coaches are practicing with teams or classes. I understand that all coaches’ decisions are FINAL. I understand that my position in the gym is to provide a positive outlook for all children.

I/We understand that negative talk to other parents about The Matrix All Star Program will not be tolerated by The Matrix All Star Coach or Matrix Management. If there is a problem, I will address The Matrix All Star Staff and not other parents. We strongly advise that this practice discontinues because it is not in the good interest of our program and the reputation of The Matrix Gym. If this matter is brought to our attention The Matrix will first address the individual(s) involved in the situation. If the matter continues to happen the parent and the child will be asked to leave The Matrix All Star Program and no refunds will be given for past tuition or clothing purchases.

It has also been explained to us that cheerleading is an activity in which the risk of injury is high; that any one of the routines involving our son’s/daughter’s participation in cheerleading activities in general could lead to serious injury, including partial or total paralysis, even death. We have also discussed this with our child and among ourselves. Despite this understanding of the possibility of serious or catastrophic injury or death and the risks involved, we still consent to the participation in this activity by our son/daughter and waive all rights concerning liability and assume responsibility for any and all medical costs associated with injuries.

I/We understand that our son/daughter will be required to travel to locations for performances and competitions, and that we,

as parent and/or guardian, will be responsible for our child’s transportation and accommodations and these costs are outside what has been presented.

I/We represent to you that to the best of our knowledge and belief, our son/daughter has no physical, medical or mental disability or other limitation that would restrict his/her ability to fully participate in this activity as described and explained to us.

I/We understand the financial obligations of The Matrix Gym All Star Cheerleading program and have read and understand the Financial Policies regarding payment and refunds. I understand there is a $500 penalty for committing to the program before or on June 15th at 5:00pm and then leaving the program at any given time between June 15th at 5:01pm and May 31 of the following year. I understand that any amount I have paid between the date this contract is signed and our departure date warrants no refunds, transfers, or credits being issued if we leave the program after committing to the program by June 15th of any given year.

I/We agree to, and by the signing of this agreement, release The Matrix owners, employees and staff, coaches, assistant coaches , trainers, volunteers of The Matrix, from any claim of negligence by ourselves, our son/daughter, our heirs, executors and assigns, form any liability arising from claims for damages for injury to our son/daughter and claims for loss of or damages to his/her property which may arise out of his/her participation in The Matrix All Star Cheerleading program.

I/We acknowledge that by electronically signing this contract, we are admitting we fully understand all information provided to us and that my/our electronic signature is binding regarding this liability waiver and annual contract.


By entering my name below and clicking the “Submit Waiver” button below, I indicate my acceptance and delivery of this waiver and release. I acknowledge that I have been given an opportunity to prevent or correct any error in connection with this waiver form. If I have submitted this waiver form in error, I will immediately notify you of the error, revoke my signature as instructed, and refrain from participating in any event or activity to which the waiver applies, as provided in Section 204(b) of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.